"eWebinar provides a unique learning experience. We use it for recruiting, lead gen, and unpacking other opportunities."

Howard Chung, VP of Franchise Dev of John L. Scott Real Estate

We find that eWebinar has so many different use cases in our particular world in real estate

[Transcript] Hi everybody. My name is Howard Chung and I'm the vice-president for John L Scott Real Estate here in the amazing Pacific Northwest and oversee the franchise division over operations and growth. And one of the main things that we're really trying to do is showcase who we are as a company for potential new franchise owners.

And of course we've been doing actually video really well for a good number of years. But watching a long video about the value proposition of who you are. That's not as interesting. But a webinar is something that people are very curious about.

And so one of the ways that we're using eWebinar is actually for the growth opportunity to get curious real estate professionals who are thinking about going into the franchise world or the independents who are curious about maybe switching over to John L Scott.

I've been using eWebinar to have just great conversation with some of our existing franchise owners on their successes, as well as members of my team, as well as even strategies about how to grow.

That way, of course, people can learn and understand through a webinar environment. There's of course, all the engagements that eWebinar provides, and I don't have to do it every single day. Right. I can go ahead and do ads and actually put it out there and then people can get to know who we are.

So it's kind of like just a video blog, but instead of video blog, it's really a learning opportunity and in an eWebinar kind of environment. So we really love eWebinar and I've actually introduced it now to owners of the franchise. And now they're starting to use eWebinar for also the purposes of recruiting.

So it's a really unique way rather than just doing, you know, the typical videos. They're actually just having these learning environments and engagements. And so we just find that eWebinar has so many different use cases in our particular world in real estate. And of course now we're finding other departments who say, "Hey, let me take a look at that eWebinar thing you're using!"

They also find applications that they could of course do. The systems are just really unique and we are just unpacking more and more of the analytics and the services that it does offer us. So we're really excited about continuing to use eWebinar on a regular basis, not just for us at the corporate level, but also helping each individual franchise owner with their conversions and their community members.

I encourage you to check out eWebinar and dive into it because once you start to get that rhythm, you're just going to find more and more use cases.

Howard Chung, VP of Franchise Dev
John L. Scott Real Estate
Seattle, WA
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