"We now deliver personalized onboarding at scale and save over 1,000 hours a year!"

Ren Blake, CS Program Manager of Gem

We now deliver personalized onboarding at scale and save 1000+ hours a year!

[Transcript ] My name is Ren Blake, and I'm the Customer Success Program Manager here at Gem. At Gem, we help companies source, recruit, and manage new talent prospects using our Gem extension and web app.

Before eWebinar, we were struggling with onboarding our SMB customers to the tool at scale. With dozens of new accounts weekly, I was spending most of my days repeating the same onboarding demos for new accounts.

At Gem, we use eWebinar to host a series of trainings for our new small accounts that wouldn't normally have a dedicated rep, as well as training new users for our enterprise clients. Some of the benefits we've seen are that my scaled accounts team now has more time in the day to focus on full life cycle of our clients, and our dedicated CSMs don't need to get on a training call for every new user for our fully ramped accounts.

In the year that we've been using eWebinar, we've reduced the time it takes for a new account to be warm by half! And save my team over a thousand hours in meetings and client prep work.

What I love about most about eWebinar is the ability to set it and forget it. With my webinars, I know that I can fully trust my daily sessions will run correctly and with the Slack integration, I can have a specialist monitoring the chat and quickly get back to the customers without having to learn a new tool.

I would recommend eWebinar to anyone that doesn't want their trainings to feel impersonal or outdated, like I've experienced with other platforms. And if you've ever wasted any time having to create and host the same webinars over and over, you'll love eWebinar.

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Ren Blake, CS Program Manager
San Francisco, CA
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