"The real benefit is having webinars accessible when it's convenient for your agents, your owners, your regional owners."

Annette Anthony, VP of Tech Engagement of EXIT Realty Corp. International

The real benefit is having webinars accessible when it's convenient for your agents, your owners, your regional owners.

[Transcript] My name is Annette Anthony, VP for technology engagement at EXIT Realty Corp., Int. I'm so appreciative for the opportunity to share a few minutes about my experience with eWebinar.

Best Practices to Automate Your Agent Training & eWebinar Overview with Annette Anthony from EXIT Realty
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan, Annette Anthony
Annette Anthony from EXIT Realty Corp. shares her best practices for creating an automated webinar for maximum agent engagement and gives you an overview of what eWebinar can do.


I immediately knew that this platform is absolutely going to help me duplicate myself. I'm only one person and being able to connect with the masses and make them feel as though it's a personal interaction. Making sure that the information is digestible and that they're able to leverage it is really important to us.

What I quickly discovered about eWebinar is this is a platform where I can upload great webinars, recordings that we already have. Once I upload them into the eWebinar platform, the magic is you're able to include interactions. Interactions are the key to creating engagement with the person who's watching the webinar because no one loves to sign up for webinars and they just are going to be spoken to. Nobody loves that, they do love it when they feel as though the speaker is engaging because it keeps them interacting throughout the presentation. It keeps their attention spans peaked, which is really important. eWebinar does that.

You can actually include multitudes of interactions throughout your presentation, which by the way, if you are presenting live, it is really hard to be in the chat, engaging with your attendees, isn't it?

The other biggest challenge that I saw that eWebinar solves is that our agents are really busy. They're real estate professionals. They're busy with their schedules. They don't have time really to fit when it's convenient for me to do a training. What I love about eWebinar is that you're able to provide your viewership with lots of opportunities for them to register.

They can either register for a prerecording, they know it's a prerecording, or they can sign up to attend an event. You can pick the times, you can pick the days of the week. Interestingly enough with the metrics in eWebinar, I've discovered that agents are more apt to watch my videos on a Monday and Saturday. Who knew?

I always thought when I schedule my trainings, the sweet spot is Tuesday through Thursday. That's not the case in my experience. Having agents sign up for an event when it's convenient for them is really key.

It manages everything from registrations. It lets me know who watched, how much did they watch. That's a value to me. It also lets me know at a glance my interactions, which ones are the most impactful, love that.

Here's the kicker. These are prerecorded. When your people schedule to watch them, with the interactions they feel as though it's real and live, which is amazing. When they type in a chat, I get immediately notified either via email or through my mobile device, that I've got someone in the room.

They've asked a question. I can respond through mobile. By the way, I recently went on a fishing trip with my family over the summer. I got to tell you how great it was that I was able to interact with a simple question that was asked in one of my chats about one of the technologies that we provide and on the spot I was able to respond and they felt as though I'm responding while I'm speaking in the presentation. That was awesome.

The real benefit behind this program is being able to be accessible when it's convenient for your agents, your owners, your regional owners. I love it. I love the time that I'm saving. Think about it. I used to do webinars for any size of offices. If it was a 7 man shop, 50 150, they're all getting the same quality, high quality presentation with lots of interactions, which is really important now.

Rather than me doing the same subject matter over and over, and let's be honest after you do it hundreds of times, do you feel the same excitement? Sometimes it can get a little bit more mundane. You never want to get to that point. What eWebinar allows me to do is to deliver a great experience every single time. It also gives me the metrics to make sure that the experience is always top notch and I can always go in and adapt and change upload new as well.

I have saved so much time and in just the few months that I've been using eWebinar I've saved over 150 hours. Let that sink in for a moment. What am I doing with those 150 hours? I am collaborating with my team in ways that I just didn't have the time, because my days were already spent doing a one-off meeting for training or doing a one-off meeting with a potential franchisee who wanted them see our tools and resources. I can give them the same amazing, one-on-one attention. At least they feel that way. And that's super important. So the experience - top-notch. The amount of time that I'm saving collaborating with my team, working on projects, working forward to other initiatives that we're putting together. I love that.

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