"Selling my high ticket course with eWebinar increased my gross income by 5x!"

Lucas Ridley, Owner of Digital Creator School

How Lucas Ridley used eWebinar to sell his high ticket course

[Transcript] Hi, my name is Lucas Ridley with Digital Creator School. And I'm here to recommend eWebinar because it has helped me launch a high ticket course that I just created called Animators Journey.

And it helps solve a problem where I didn't know how to launch and get attention to this new high ticket course that I created and eWebinar allowed me to do that because I created this kind of free offering that attracted all these people to what I had to say and gave them value in this webinar, then at the end, I pitched my high ticket course.

The advantage of using a webinar over doing some other version is the fact that it is recorded and I can be in the chat live with them without having to stop the webinar. Whereas if I was doing it live, I would have to stop the webinar to be able to speak with them live in the chat.

So, because it's recorded, that was actually an advantage to me. And I had actually some of the attendees say, oh, I explained, hey, before I started the webinar that this is recorded, but I'm live with you in this. And the attendees actually commented, "That's a smart thing to do!" So, even the people attending like eWebinar and all the interactivity is super cool, which I wouldn't get in any other way and allows me to get all these data points too on the attendees, to see where their interests lie and how I can engage with them after a webinar.

The other benefit for me was I use this to launch a high ticket course. And so basically I use the webinar to pre-qualify people. So if they got to the end of the webinar, that kind of pre-qualified them for being interested in my high ticket course. So all around, it was a huge success for me. It increased my gross income for the month by four or five times, it was a huge benefit.

I highly recommend your webinar and recommend it to anyone doing a high ticket kind of course, as well. I think it works really well. Thanks for watching.

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