"We made nine sales in the first week between $1-2k completely on autopilot!"

Avery Smith, Data Scientist of Data Career Jumpstart

How Data Career Jumpstart used eWebinar to automate daily sales instead of hosting a live sales pitch every week

Advances in remote collaboration have opened up the global job market and created new career opportunities that transcend national borders. However, many workers still struggle to switch from a job they hate to one they love.

That’s where Data Career Jumpstart comes in. It’s an online bootcamp that has helped over 900 students get an average salary increase of 77% — all while working a flexible job that they enjoy more.

Avery Smith adopted eWebinar after doing one live webinar every single week for a year and burning out. He decided that automation was the more sustainable option and came out with a five-figure success story almost immediately after.

Hi, Avery! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your company?

My name is Avery Smith, and I run a company called Data Career Jumpstart, where I help individuals transition from a job that they hate into a data analytics position. I've been doing that for the last three years and it's been a lot of fun because I can help people who really hate their jobs get into a position that they like more, have more flexibility, and earn more money.

What problems were you guys struggling with before eWebinar?

Over the few years I've been doing this, I've mostly been doing live webinars as my sales sequence. I get people hyped up for an awesome event, give them a great time, and then sell to them at the very end.

I actually did one live webinar every single week for about the past year and I got very burnt out.

It was exhausting and that’s where I actually ended up finding eWebinar.

Every single Wednesday at 7 PM I was going live and getting sales from it — but it was really exhausting to have one day of the week already removed the entire time.

That was exhausting, I didn't like doing that.

Also, live webinars were very energy-consuming because they required me to be energetic while I'm actually an introvert and don't like being on camera — so being on camera for literally an hour to an hour and a half to two hours every single week was exhausting.

Attendees could say whatever they wanted in the comments and I'd have to respond.

“It was hard to give my presentation, manage the comments, and try to be hoping for sales all at the same time. It was a lot to juggle.”

The other thing that was very difficult was the pressure and expectation of making sales. I knew that about 50% of that week's revenue would come from this call.

A lot of the time I'd give this presentation, give this pitch, and I'd be like “all right, who's ready to buy?” And no one would buy. The letdown of doing an hour and a half of exhausting live work and then having no one buy was such a pitfall.

What did you do before eWebinar?

Eventually, it came to a point where I realized that this wasn’t sustainable — then I discovered eWebinar. Previously, I was using WebinarJam for most of these live webinars and I started to seek out a different solution that would be more automated/evergreen.

I tried EverWebinar and I really didn't like its chat features.

“It was really important to me to have s live feeling to the webinar even though it was automated so that I could step in and answer questions where needed (if I was available).”

EverWebinar didn't really have anything that was available to go directly to my phone.

If it was at the grocery store or on vacation, I should be able to respond to someone quickly — if I wanted to and I had the time. I then looked at WebinarFuel and, although it has a lot of good features, I didn't love the chat nearly as much as eWebinar.

What are the benefits you've seen from using eWebinar?

“In the past seven days, we've made about 9 automated sales with an average cart value between $1,000 to $2,000 — all on autopilot.”

Now — instead of doing a live webinar where at the end I'm like “all right, who wants to buy?” only to be let down because no one's buying — I wake up to sales in my sleep and I'm stoked. I don't expect it. So I'm not let down, I'm actually elevated.

It's really fun to not be expecting these sales and yet have this sales machine working for me on autopilot.

How do your customers feel about the eWebinar hybrid format?

All of the interactions that pop up are insanely powerful and they're keeping my viewers really engaged throughout the entire presentation.

They're answering questions/polls and it’s great for me because I'm getting data on them that I previously couldn’t. Now I know where they're from and I know where they registered from — eWebinar is capturing that for me.

I used eWebinar’s interactions to ask attendees how they heard about me. Was it my podcast? Was it my LinkedIn? I'm actually seeing what’s effective from a marketing standpoint. All of the right-hand side integrations are absolutely amazing.

So the customers are really liking it.

Who would you recommend eWebinar to?

If you’re running courses, have a community, and/or have any sort of digital product then I highly recommend eWebinar because it's the best of both worlds:

  • It's really beneficial to your customers because they get to choose when they want to watch. It's interactive and engaging (but you don't actually have to be there unless you're needed).

  • And, if you’re needed, you can step in and give that customer a personal experience.

So I’d highly recommend it to any sort of coaches, creators, and other online course people.

I'm really enjoying it and I know you will as well.

If you’re interested in finding a new career path in data analytics then be sure to check out Avery’s webinar on How to Land a Data Job that over a hundred students have already used to land their first job in under 90 days!

And, if you’re an online coach or course creator looking to automate your recurring webinars, click here to get started with eWebinar!


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Data Career Jumpstart is a company that helps individuals transition from jobs they hate into data analytics positions where they’ll have more flexibility and earn more money.