"Before eWebinar, we were spending hours and hours a day demoing to unqualified, top of the funnel leads."

Julian Boyman, Marketing Manager of Cloudstudios

Before eWebinar, we were spending hours a day demoing to unqualified, top of the funnel leads.

[Transcript] Hey, my name is Julian and I'm the marketing manager at Cloudstudios. Cloudstudios is a platform that powers individual service professionals to run their business online. And we've been using eWebinar now for about six months.

Before we found eWebinar, our sales team was spending hours upon hours of their day demoing all of our leads from our top of the funnel. Whether or not they were actually qualified to use our platform.

At Cloudstudios, we now have an eWebinar on our homepage at the top of the funnel, which really allows our leads to qualify themselves and come and speak to our sales team after they've watched our demo. It's really streamlined our sales team's processing times, we've seen the bandwidth of our sales team opened up and it's been really beneficial for us as a small startup where time is really valuable for each of our team members.

What I love most about eWebinar is its ease of use. I create all of our webinars for us. It really does not take me much time at all. And what we see on the back end is tremendous time savings.

So I just want to say THANK YOU. We're excited to continue to use eWebinar as our company grows into the future!

Julian Boyman, Marketing Manager
Toronto, ON
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Sales, SaaS, Product demos

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