"I've tried other solutions before, and eWebinar has raised the bar for how evergreen webinars are done."

Shaun Whynacht, CEO of Blue Cow Marketing

Why Shaun Whynacht thinks eWebinar has raised the bar for how evergreen webinars are done

[Transcript] Hi, my name is Shaun Whynacht, and I own a company called Blue Cow Marketing, and we help our clients build out their customer journey. Now, part of the customer journey and a very important part of it, is effective content. And over the last 12 years, working with different clients on this, one of the key strategies that people have leveraged is the use of webinars.

Now, if you've done webinars before in a live fashion, you know that you have to show up, you have to be on your game and they don't always go as planned due to technology and interruptions and things like that. And also if you're doing that same webinar over and over again, it can be exhausting.

It wasn't until most recently that I have come across eWebinar.com. Now I've used other automated webinar tools for clients in the years gone by. And it wasn't until I looked at the feature set of eWebinar that I was blown away. I mean, the bar has been raised in how we do evergreen webinars with this solution alone.

Not only is it in the fact that people don't have to download any software to attend the webinar, but the fact that there are a lot of interactive features that you can program in your automated webinar. And people can actually engage with you live without you having to be chained to your computer at the times in which it is being broadcasted. With their integrations that they have, you know, I'm a Keap certified partner so they have a native keep integration, which is fantastic.

They're also their integrations with Zoom that allow you to take any of your recorded Zoom webinars that you have and immediately pull them right into eWebinar. And then my favorite feature of all is their Slack integration, which allows me to be notified when people attend any of the pre-recorded webinars, but also they have questions and I actually have them ask questions live in the webinar, it'll come directly to my phone the Slack app. And I can communicate back with them no matter where I am, if I'm out playing with my son in the yard, or if I'm just sitting on my sofa or I'm at my desk doing other things, I have the ability to answer those questions live.

So on this page, go ahead and check out the demo of eWebinar.com, you will not be disappointed.

This platform is one of the key ones that I am going to be using with each and every client that I have that has a webinar in their strategy.

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