"When I send our demo to decision makers, I know exactly what they're going to see and hear. They're getting the best sales pitch."

Dylan O'Brien, CEO & Founder of BePrepared

How BePrepared uses eWebinar to control the conversation throughout a sales cycle from champions to decision makers

Gone are the days when digital assets like cryptocurrency were just an off-the-wall and risky way to invest. Digital assets are now a disruptive technology which many say are the way of the future. It’s an exciting time, yet it can be a confusing time for those who are trying to manage all things digital, from bitcoin to website logins. That’s where BePrepared comes in. It’s an app that serves as a digital vault which can confidentially store your data for the rest of your life, until the survivors of your estate need to access it. 

The app’s CEO & founder, Dylan O’Brien, adopted eWebinar so that he could better explain the company’s mission in a digestible way, all while establishing BePrepared as a dependable authority in the digital asset storage space.

Hi, Dylan! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Can you tell me about yourself and your company?

Sure. My name is Dylan O’Brien and I’m the CEO and founder of BePrepared, a company that provides estate planners with an instant solution to handling their client’s digital assets – things like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, photos, videos, logins, domain names…pretty much anything that exists in a digital format! 

BePrepared provides clients and estate planners with peace of mind because they know that when the client passes away, their assets will be distributed safely and securely to the intended executives or beneficiaries. 

What problems did you encounter before using eWebinar?

We had two primary issues before eWebinar. First of all, our company operates in six countries, so trying to give demos and walkthroughs in that many time zones was very difficult. The obvious problem that we solved when we adopted eWebinar was that we were able to run demos pretty much 24/7 in any time zone. 

“eWebinar allows prospective customers to watch demos in their own time and share them with other partners at their practice.” 

The second problem is that we were introducing quite a new product into quite a conservative market, and it was very difficult to convey that information with just text.

Lawyers are always short on time, there’s always a pressing client matter that’s happening, so it’s very difficult to get them to go look at a website. It’s just not going to happen. But if you can get in their calendar and they can go watch a webinar on their own time and share it with other partners in the practice, it’s much easier. 

So that was the second problem we solved, which was that we provided a nicer format for lawyers to book a time in their calendar to come and learn about our product, and we began walking them through it that way. 

How does your company use eWebinar today?

We use eWebinar in a few different ways. The first way is obviously to demo our product online. 

“After our first demo, we send the eWebinar as a link which our company contact can forward to other partners. This allows us to control the conversation and not let it fall apart.” 

The second way we use it has to do with the fact that when organizations make decisions about outside services, there’s usually a champion who you’ve already met, who brought you in, and they typically have a board or other senior partners that need to approve the purchase. So after our first demo, we send that webinar as a link which our champion can forward to the other partners. This is a way to try and control the conversation going forward and not just let it fall apart. We know these partners are busy, so they can watch it on their own time and receive the information we want them to receive once they do. 

What did BePrepared do before eWebinar?

Before eWebinar, we just did demos. We didn’t sleep. We tried to have forms that would let people book a demo, we tried to give people PDFs or recorded videos, but it just wasn't working. 

“Before eWebinar, we tried to give people PDFs or recorded videos, but it just wasn’t working.” 

When people go to a website and they have an intent, they want to watch something, it’s very handy for the eWebinar to just be there. And I find that by having those eWebinar interactions on the side, I can poll their buying temperature. We give them links and resources, and the more interaction they do, the more likely we are to get them to book a call with us afterwards.” 

“When people watch a webinar, they usually want to book a one-on-one, more in-depth demo afterwards. We know that when someone does that, their intent is quite high.”

We’ve found that when people do watch an eWebinar, they usually want to book a one-on-one demo afterwards – but we know that when people do that, their intent is quite high. 

What benefits have you seen from using eWebinar?

eWebinar has allowed us to make our website more engaging for those who visit, letting them learn about a complex product in a friendly way. It has also allowed us to establish ourselves as authorities by using the engagements in the platform, including the chat feature. 

The interactions allow us to show prospective clients PDFs and more authoritative material. And as I said earlier, just getting into their calendar is worth so much. When people go to your website, they have a peak level of excitement; they’ve taken action. Once that peaks, it trails off. But if they can go and watch a demo right away, it maintains that enthusiasm. They don’t have to wait for me to respond, or go to a Calendly page and book a meeting which they’ll have to wait for.

“When someone comes to your website, they have a peak level of excitement. Having a demo available right then allows them to maintain that enthusiasm.”

That's been the primary benefit from eWebinar, coupled with the fact that I can send that same presentation I give all the time to the decision makers within a firm and know exactly what they're going to see, what they're going to hear, and know they're getting the best sales pitch to their ears.

“eWebinar lets me send the same presentation I give all the time to decision makers within a firm, and know exactly what they’re going to see.” 

What do you love most about eWebinar?

What I love most about the platform is the fact that it comes with the pre-made lead pages. I love the widget that pops up at the bottom and has a little countdown. That lets people know there's a session that’s about to start. I also like the fact that it connects to Slack, so I don’t have to open my browser if someone joins in there; I can just keep my Slack open (like it always is) and respond to messages ad hoc, as is.

Who would you recommend eWebinar to?

I would recommend eWebinar to people who are selling a product that's perhaps a bit more in depth, and to sales-led organizations.

“I would recommend eWebinar to people who sell in-depth products, and to sales-led organizations. It’s especially helpful if you have clients who are likely to self-educate themselves about your product.” 

I don't really think there's any reason for most companies not to have eWebinar. I think the ability to engage with your clients en masse all the time, or run sales demos all the time, is super powerful. I would definitely say it’s very helpful for smaller teams who are trying to be more sales-led – especially if you have clients who are likely to self-educate and self-direct themselves to your website and learn about your product. So I’d recommend it to pretty much everybody!

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