"Automating your webinars means you can reach so many more prospects and customers."

Jenny Brennan, Senior Director of Sales of Agorapulse

Automating your webinars means you can reach so many more prospects and customers.

[Testimonial] My name is Jenny Brennan, I'm the Senior Director of Sales at Agorapulse. At Agorapulse, we help our customers to take control of their social media by staying organized, in control and scaling their teams activities.

Before eWebinar, we were a small team struggling with scaling our sales and onboarding webinars. Our customers are all over the world and we needed a better solution to what we were using.

We use eWebinar for both our sales and customer success teams. Now, we can easily deliver informational webinars to prospects and support our new customers with live and on demand without taking too much from our people.

We're reaching more prospects, more customers; and we're doing so much more with less effort. What we loved most about eWebinar was the simplicity of getting started, the amazing engagement features and the ability to integrate with our CRM, Hubspot. Now all our prospects are flowing through our sales funnel with less human interaction, at least until it's needed.

I would recommend eWebinar to any company that is already using live webinars to grow your business and want to scale - if your business depends on live webinars, you're also limiting your growth to the availability of your webinar host and customers schedule. Automating your webinars means you can reach so many more prospects and customers, and it frees up your team's time to put towards other revenue generating tasks.

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Jenny Brennan, Senior Director of Sales
Paris, France
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Agorapulse organizes your end-to-end, complex social media footprint - platforms, profiles, and campaigns - into a single management solution that makes it easy to post, monitor, and engage your audience so you can focus on turning everyday interactions into meaningful connections.