SMTP Service

This integration lets you send eWebinar notifications to attendees using your preferred email platform through an SMTP service and auto-register people via Zapier.

Enhance your webinar email communications to deliver a fully branded attendee experience

When you integrate eWebinar with an SMTP service, you have the freedom to send attendee notifications from your preferred email platform, such as MailChimp or Amazon SES, eliminating the "via eWebinar" tag that appears after the sender's name.

Setting up this integration, also enables you to auto-register people for your webinars through Zapier, utilizing contacts from other applications. This streamlined process ensures smooth, consistent communication and facilitates an automated workflow, maintaining brand consistency throughout.

To learn more about using an SMTP service to deliver your own emails and auto-register people, check out this article. SMTP Integration CardTo learn how to auto-register people for your webinars via Zapier after setting up the SMTP service integration, check out this article.

To set up the SMTP service integration with eWebinar, login to your eWebinar account, or sign up for a free trial, and click Integrations in the profile menu.