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Integrate Thinkific with eWebinar to make webinar-only offers that link attendees to your course checkout page and for resources to increase course sales.

Put your course sales on autopilot with powerful features designed specifically for course creators

By using eWebinar and Thinkific together, you gain access to a webinar template designed to scale course sales, a marketing widget for your website, and a Special Offer interaction card that links attendees directly to your course checkout page.

eWebinar Thinkific special offer interaction card

You can also embed an eWebinar inside a Thinkific course!

Learn more about these features and how to set them up. For answers to commonly asked questions about the eWebinar Thinkific integration, check out our FAQ.

eWebinar's marketing widget for Thinkfic

Want to take a deeper dive?  Register for our webinar, How to Create a Winning Sales Pitch for your Thinkific Online Course with special guest Aaron Morin, Customer Education Lead at Thinkific.

How to Create a Winning Sales Pitch for Your Thinkific Online Course
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan, Aaron Morin
About this webinar: Aaron Morin, the Customer Education Lead from Thinkific teaches you how to put together a winning sales pitch for your online courses. His simple, five-step presentation structure will help you showcase the value of your course so people go from just thinking about taking it to signing up. At the end of this webinar, you'll have a chance to sign up for eWebinar so you can supercharge your online course sales today.

To set up the Thinkific integration with eWebinar, login to your eWebinar account, or sign up for a free trial, and click Integrations in the profile menu.

Once you are logged in to eWebinar, you can access the Thinkific template by creating a new eWebinar and selecting the template named Supercharge Your Thinkific Online Course Sales with eWebinar

eWebinar creation modal showing Thinkific template