eWebinar + Thinkific FAQ

Everything you need to know to start using eWebinar to sell your online courses on Thinkific

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What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a software platform that enables entrepreneurs to create, market, sell, and deliver their own online courses. To learn more, visit thinkific.com.

Why should I use eWebinar to sell my Thinkific online courses?

Read this article to learn more.

What are the highlights of eWebinar's integration with Thinkific?

  • Thinkific interaction card: Use this special interaction card to direct attendees to the checkout page of your course at exactly the right moment of the sales pitch in your eWebinar.
  • Auto-population and sync: Your Thinkific course description and pricing will automatically populate to your Thinkific interaction card when you create it and stay synced so you don’t have to worry about updating in two places.
  • Thinkific eWebinar template: Use this template, created by Aaron Morin of Thinkific, to quickly create a solid eWebinar to sell your course, one which incorporates best practices and comes with a number of pre-set interactions.
  • eWebinar widget: You can install an eWebinar countdown widget on your Thinkific landing page and drive attendees to your webinar
  • Embedded eWebinar in Thinkific course: You can embed an eWebinar inside a Thinkific multimedia course, so that you can offer the interactivity (polls, questions, handouts, etc.) and chat of eWebinar inside Thinkific. Learn more here.

What is the Thinkific interaction card?

The Thinkific interaction card was designed for Thinkific course creators to help them drive online course sales. The card can be programmed to appear at the moment during the sales pitch of your eWebinar when you want attendees to be able to get to your checkout page with one click. Once you link your Thinkific account to eWebinar, your course's name, price, description, and image will automatically populate in the Thinkific interaction card when you create it.

What is the Sync product content feature?

If you want the content in your Thinkific interaction card to stay in sync with your Thinkific account, enable Sync product content. While enabled, you will not be able to edit the product name, price, description, and image shown on the Thinkific interaction card directly. Instead, whatever changes you make to those fields in Thinkific will be synced with and appear on the card automatically.

What is the Thinkific eWebinar template?

The Thinkific eWebinar template was created by Aaron Morin, Customer Education Lead at Thinkific, to teach you, a course creator, how to put together a winning sales pitch for your online course. His simple, five-step presentation structure will help you showcase the value of your course so people go from just thinking about taking it to signing up. Simply upload your own sales video, personalize the content, and start selling right away!

Here are some of the things that have been built into the template:

  • Best practices for selling your course (7-min video)
  • Recurring schedule designed to maximize your reach
  • Pre-set interactions that support Aaron’s 5-step approach
  • Email notifications to reinforce your course’s value
  • Suggested content for your registration pages
  • Interaction card that puts your checkout page one click away

Use this template to supercharge the sales of your Thinkific courses today!

What do I need first in order to set up and use the integration?

In order to set up the Thinkific integration, you must be subscribed to Thinkific Pro and Growth Package. To use the Thinkific interaction card, you must have at least one published course.

How do I set up the different parts of the Thinkific integration?

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up each of your options, read this article.