Why does my widget not update itself when I update the title of my webinar?

How to troubleshoot and fix when the 'Pop-up widget' or 'Card widget' does not update itself automatically after changing the title of your eWebinar.

If you are wondering why, after changing the title of your webinar, your marketing widget did not update itself automatically, there are two things that may be going on, depending on whether you used the Pop-up widget or the Card widget.

1. Pop-up widget

The Pop-up widget automatically draws its title from your Sharing settings, if the title has been defined there.

To update your webinar's title in your Sharing settings, edit your eWebinar, go to the Settings tab and update the title of your eWebinar under Sharing.

2. Card widget

The Card widget must be manually updated after you change the title of your webinar. To do this, you must configure and install the card widget again. 

If you don't recall how to do that, here are the instructions.