How do I use eWebinar widgets in my WordPress pages?

We've made a small video showing you how to use two WordPress plugins to make adding widgets or any other custom code into WordPress much easier.

Instructional Video


Many people find it a challenge to inject custom code. And in our case, the widgets that we have any webinar into their WordPress pages. I have to admit it's definitely more difficult than I think it should be. And so here's a little video. That uses two plugins to make that much more simple
First. let's edit a page, as you can see, it's a really basic page. And what we need to do is we need to install a new plugin. Here, what you do is you search for the plugin called Advanced. Custom Fields and install it. Make sure it's the advanced custom fields. You don't need the extended.
And then there's a second one called Code Embed. Together they'll make this a lot easier.
Okay. Now that that's installed mixture and activate it. And actually, I think we forgot to activate the other one, the advance custom fields. So in the plugin screen, we can activate that.
Now, you'll see a custom fields menu on the left,
Click Add New Field Group. 
In the custom fields area you add, for example, eWebinar widgets as a field group. And here you can add different fields. We're going to call one of the fields, the button widget.
And as you can see in the documentation the name we give the field has to start with the word CODE.  So we're going to change field name to CODE, and then anything you want button_widget, for example.
For this video we're going to change the field type to be Text area. You don't have to change it. It just makes the widget code more readable. Then we'll publish this new field.
Now that we've done that there's a custom field that we can edit back in this page and as you can see, there's now one called Button Widget. We're going to go into eWebinar, grab the code for the widget, this could be the thank you widget or the registration widget or a button or a card - whatever you want, and then basically we're going to paste it in and update.
Now when we preview this, you'll notice that that hasn't actually changed anything in the page.  We still need to tell WordPress where to add that field and as you  remember, the field name started with CODE and was called the CODEbutton_widget in our case so we put two braces and the name.  Then we hit update and now in the preview, you'll see that the button is now there and works as expected.
If you do this in a different way, WordPress doesn't tend to work very well with custom code and HTML in the middle of existing sections, so this is the best way to do it. You can go back into custom fields if you want, for example, multiple widgets. So in this case, we could add a fixed bar widget, again, we're going to start with the word CODE all in capital letters and then fixedbarwidget and make it a text area just to make it easy to paste all of that code in. Basically the only difference is that text area. I will show up as, as multiple lines on page. And then we're going to paste the fixed bar widget code from eWebinar.
Here we go. Copy that, and then paste it into this fixed bar widget area. And again, let's add that in this case, it doesn't really matter where in the page you edit. First let's add to this page, the button widget like we had before and now we're going to add the code, fixed bar widget.  That one will just always appear at the bottom of the page. Let's see, let's update that and and then refresh our preview. There's the button and there's the fixed bar. Okay, so hopefully this gives you a good overview of how best to inject the widget into your pages whether it be your registration or your thank you page.