How do I promote a webinar in advance of its official launch date, before my video is ready?

Set the 'Start date' of your webinar to be the same as your launch date and disable replays before promoting your webinar in advance of its launch.

Before you promote your webinar in advance of its premiere session, follow the instructions below. 

Otherwise, people will be able to register for your webinar before you launch!

You will need to publish your webinar before you can promote it and yet you cannot publish an eWebinar without a video.

If your video is not ready yet, use a placeholder video which you can replace before launch. (Look for the Replace video button on the Interactions tab.)

We suggest uploading a rough cut of the video as close as possible to the end product so you can start playing with and creating interactions.

Go the Schedule tab of the webinar in question and:

1. Set the Start date to be the (future) launch date of your webinar

2. Add at least one Start time.  Your first session will be your earliest Start time on your Start date.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes, people want their premiere session to happen at a set time in a particular time zone, presumably their own, so they are sure they are available to chat live with attendees for the entire session. Or maybe because they invited the original guest presenter to moderate chat for that one day only. 

If this is your intention, be sure to select and specify a Fixed time zone in your Schedule. Otherwise, if you select Attendee's local time zone, people will be able to join your webinar at the Start time of your webinar in their own time zone, before the intended time of your premiere.

3. Disable just-in-time sessions and the ability to watch a replay

NOTE: If you want your audience to be able to register for replays and just-in-time sessions after launch, be sure to re-enable these options after your premiere session.

Once you do these three things and publish your changes, you can share your Registration link with your audience and allow them to register for a session before your official launch date, without having to worry about them being able to access your webinar before then.