Can I promote my webinar before the video for it is finalized and ready?

Absolutely, you can promote your webinar without having the final video asset as long as you make sure to not allow Registering for replays or Just in Time sessions.

1. Upload a placeholder video

First, make sure you upload a small placeholder video as the system prevents publishing of webinars without a video today.  We would suggest you upload a rough draft video similar to what you think you'll end up with just so you can start playing with the creation of interactions.

2. Make sure your first session starts in the future

If, for example, you're going to need a week to get the final video done you'll need to make sure you set a few settings correctly.  In the eWebinar's Schedule tab make sure you:

  • Your Start date is at least a week into the future
  • You have at least one Start time set.  Your first session will be your earliest Start time on the Start date
  • Under the Replay & just-in-time section turn Show Watch replay session off
  • Under the Replay & just-in-time section turn Show just-in-time session off

and finally...

  • Make sure that before the first session's start date and time you upload the final video asset.  You can replace the video of the webinar in the Interactions tab.  There is a Replace video button at the bottom.