How do I reset the Analytics of a webinar?

Reset the analytics of any one of your webinars by deleting all of its registrants or changing the date its analytics are counted from.

Whether your have just finished testing your new webinar and want to reset its Analytics before your official launch or you just want to wipe the slate clean, there are two ways to do this:

1. Delete all of your registrants

The first way to reset your Analytics is to delete all of your registrants. To do this, go to the Registrants page of the webinar in question, select all of the registrants, and click Delete. You will be asked to confirm this action before the deletion is permanent.

2. Change the date your Analytics are counted from

The second way to reset your Analytics is to change the date they are counted from. To do this, go to the Analytics page of your webinar and click Reset in the top right corner.

The Reset Analytics modal will open and let you choose the date — presumably ‘Today’ — that you would like your Analytics to be counted from.