How can I hold a Q&A session during an eWebinar?

Learn how to hold a Q&A session during an eWebinar, which is automated

People generally expect a Q&A session at the end of a traditional, live webinar. It gives attendees a chance to ask questions they weren’t able to ask during the actual presentation. 

So how does this work in an eWebinar, which is automated?

One of eWebinar’s most exciting features is its live chat. Attendees can ask whatever questions they want whenever they want during a presentation without having to wait for Q&A at the end. Nor do they have to worry about whether or not they’ll be called on and have their questions answered. Since an eWebinar is pre-recorded, the presenter or, more likely, whomever is designated as Moderator of the chat, is available to answer attendees’ questions in real time. So, in place of a live Q&A at the end of your eWebinar, you can just make sure someone is always available to respond to chat messages during regularly scheduled sessions.

Even if you take this approach, you can still choose to offer a Q&A session at the end of your webinar. Just say something in your video like, “When the webinar is over, stick around if you still have questions. I’ll be available for 30 minutes afterwards, if you want to reach out to me in the chat.” Or you could add a Tip Interaction to say something similar.

If it is important for you to hold a traditional, live Q&A session, use the Link Interaction to direct attendees to join a live session in whatever live webinar solution you use, like Zoom. People who are interested will be able to drop in and ask you questions face to face.