What problems does eWebinar solve?

Illustrates how eWebinar will let you scale your time and energy

  • Are you tired of giving the same presentations over and over?
  • Are you burnt out from doing the same demos and sales pitches?
  • Is all of your time being eaten up by training and onboarding?

It’s hard to imagine running any kind of business without having to repeat certain presentations again and again. Pitching to prospects, hosting trainings, doing demos, onboarding customers, whatever it is, a good chunk of your time is going to be spent saying the same things over and over.

These are extremely important activities, necessary for the health and growth of a business. They also consume tons of time and energy. What compounds this cost is your best presenters are often your best people. They (or you, if you’re that person) get burnt out and frustrated their time and energy can’t be better spent elsewhere.

Enter eWebinar.

eWebinar automates the tedious task of giving the same presentations over and over by combining pre-recorded video with live chat and pre-set interactions to deliver a delightfully engaging experience for everyone who attends.

eWebinar lets you scale your time. You can make your presentations available as often as you like, for as long as you like, on any day, at any time, and in any timezone.

eWebinar lets you automate yourself. eWebinar isn’t just about helping you do the things you’re already doing. It’s about opening up a new world of possibilities by creating the bandwidth to pursue them.

For the record, we aren't suggesting you stop holding live webinars as part of your marketing and content strategy. That’s not what eWebinar is for, anyway. We help with all the repetitive stuff, the demos, training, onboarding, pitches... You know, that stuff.

Ultimately, eWebinar lets you turn any video into a recurring, automated webinar that you can use to reach as many people as you need to without losing an opportunity to engage with them or skimping on giving them a quality experience. We give you back your time, so you can spend it on something you value more, even if that means doing nothing at all!