What is eWebinar's integration with Deadline Funnels and how do I set it up?

Explains how to use eWebinar as the start of the funnel by adding registrants to a deadline funnel, starting the timer and sending eWebinar email follow-ups with the funnel timer

Adding webinar registrants to your funnel

Deadline Funnels has a limited set of direct integrations into CRM systems.  It does not integrate directly with any webinar software including eWebinar - instead it assumes you will integrate eWebinar with your CRM and it will pick up new contacts from there.  So the first step to integrating with deadline funnels is to integrate eWebinar with your CRM either via one of the direct integrations eWebinar has or via Zapier.  For help see How do I integrate eWebinar with my CRM so it is part of my sales funnel? and How can I use Zapier to integrate eWebinar with other products?

Once integrated, when someone registers for your webinar using one of the eWebinar registration widgets or our built-in registration page, registrant information will be sent to your CRM which will in turn send it to your deadline funnel.

Starting the deadline funnel timer

Deadline funnels has several ways to trigger the timer countdown which differs based on the integration you have setup within deadline funnels.  The mechanism is different depending on whether you use a CRM integration or you use Zapier.  Deadline funnels, however, can not start the timer at a point in the future - it wants an event to happen in real-time to start the timer. The best eWebinar trigger to use to start the timer, therefore, is the webinar end trigger.  You should expose scheduled and just in time sessions to your registrants but not the ability to register for a replay.  That way the timer will always start regardless of whether the registrant joined or missed their session.

The most straightforward way of integrating an action in eWebinar with the countdown timer start is to use Zapier. Here is a help article where deadline funnels describes how to configure Zapier (in this case with Kajabi) to start your deadline funnel countdown: How to Trigger a Countdown upon Subscribe using Zapier.  In the case of eWebinar you would configure the trigger to start on the Webinar Finished event.

NOTE: The Webinar Finished trigger fires at the end of the exit room not of the video.  So if your video is 1 hour long and your exit room is 30 minutes, the timer would begin at 1 hour and 30 minutes from the start of the session they registered for.  In the case of on-demand sessions, the start time of the session is when they click the JOIN button to start the video OR if they never click JOIN it will be their registration time plus the length of the video and exit room.

You can also start a deadline funnel as a result of adding a tag to the contact created in your CRM.  This article describes how that works if you have ConvertKit connected to your deadline funnel: How to Integrate Deadline Funnel with ConvertKit.  The mechanism is very much the same as above except that instead of setting up a trigger on Zapier you would need to go into the eWebinar Integrations page.  There you would create a new trigger in your ConvertKit integration for the Webinar Finished trigger and set the Always apply tag to the tag deadline funnels expects to see on a contact to start the timer. 

Adding your funnel countdown to eWebinar follow-up email notifications

Since you started your funnel timer when the webinar finishes, you can start including your deadline funnels timer in eWebinar follow-up emails.  As part of your funnel, Deadline funnels, you can generate a link to a timer GIF to use in emails.  Follow these steps:

  1. In deadline funnels, generate a dynamic counter.  The timer is dynamic as it's relative to a particular registrant.
  2. Go to eWebinar notifications and edit one of your notification emails.  In that email paste the URL to the GIF into the email.  You should see an image although the image might appear broken since the URL has no email of a registrant in it.
  3. Click on the image and choose to edit the URL of the image.  At the end of the URL add the email of the attendee by entering { attendee email }.  Once complete the URL for the image should look something like:  https://dfl0.us/s/5xxxxxx?em={attendee email}

You should be all set...  to give it a test run publish the webinar, register for it and verify the contact records and counter start tags are making it all the way through to your funnel.