an automated webinar solution that combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver a delightfully engaging experience for attendees.

Synonyms:  evergreen webinar, on-demand webinar, autowebinar, pre-recorded webinar, just-in-time webinar, asynchronous webinar, or interactive video

Unlock your time using automated webinars

Be in two places at once

Sell 24/7

Let leads qualify themselves with interactive self-service demos and connect when they're ready

Scale onboarding

Deliver personalized onboarding at scale and answer every question 1on1 through live chat

Automate training

Drive engagement and adoption with training that's available when your customers are

eWebinar sessions selection list

Take back your time & automate 100s of webinars every month

Upload any video, webinar, presentation or training into eWebinar, set a recurring schedule and go live. Attendees can register and watch your webinar instantly, without waiting days or weeks, and with built-in engagements and live chat, each attendee will get a personalized, engaging experience.

We used to do a live webinar every day at 10am. Now we do 70 hours of webinars per week, and that's not including replays and just in time sessions.
Greg Robertson Headshot Square
Greg Robertson

General Manager, Lone Wolf Technologies

eWebinar chat conversation

Chat with every attendee and answer every question

When attendees join your eWebinar, they'll be greeted with a custom welcome message. When they respond, you'll get a notification so you can chat with them live. If you're not around, they'll get a custom away message and you can respond via email later. Add team members to the notifications so they can respond for you.

On live webinars, it's hard to answer every question before the session ends. Now we run over 100 webinars a month and only spend an hour a day answering every message.
Anett Vandor Headshot
Anett Vándor

Customer Engagement Lead, Later

eWebinar Interactions

Interactions that keep attendees engaged till the end

Add pre-populated questions, polls, downloads, tips, offers, and more that show up at the perfect time during your eWebinar. Engage attendees, collect valuable feedback, and get attendees to stay for your entire presentation.

By using the same video in eWebinar that we've used on another platform and adding interactions, our watch time increased from 70-90% and more people are asking questions.
Kevin Andrews Headshot
Kevin Andrews

Client Enablement Manager, BombBomb

eWebinar Schedule

Webinars that are available when your customers are

Set up a recurring schedule at your attendee's own timezone so they can watch your webinar on their own schedule. Enable the on demand or just in time option and let attendees register for a webinar starting right away. eWebinar's average attendance rate is 20% higher than industry average.

We have members in 6 timezones. 10am is great for me but I know it's not a great time for someone 3 hours ahead. With eWebinar's flexible schedule and replay option, our members no longer have to miss sessions and they love that!
Keith Robinson Headshot
Keith Robinson

Chief Strategy Officer, NextHome, Inc.

Registration Page and Widget

No-code registration pages and pop-up widget

Create beautiful, high-converting registration pages that get visitors to sign up. Add your content and images, and publish it without ever involving your dev team. Install the pop-up widget to any page on your site and increase sign-ups even more. It's like having a salesperson promoting your webinar 24/7.

By putting the pop-up widget on our homepage and doing nothing else, within 3 months, we did hundreds of hours of demos, got 400 leads, closed 7 deals without a rep, 10% booked a meeting. That’s an 8000% ROI.
Trevor Larson Headshot
Trevor Larson

Cofounder and CEO, Nectar

eWebinar analytics engagement and conversion graph

Actionable analytics that show you what’s working and what’s not

Login to your eWebinar dashboard and see how much time you've saved by not hosting your webinars live, registration rate, attendee activities and reactions during the webinar, where engagement drops off so you can fix it, average watch time, answers to polls and questions, and more.

I'm able to get a lot of data from my eWebinar attendees, such as finding out what people are most interested in learning about through the interactions. These are things I can implement in my course and use to make my presentation better later.
Carly Adams Headshot
Carly Adams

Owner, Tidy Revival

eWebinar Analytics

Automate your first webinar in 10 minutes

Set up your first eWebinar in 3 steps: 1. Upload your presentation (our Zoom integration lets you upload a recording right from Zoom Cloud). 2. Personalize the experience with polls, questions, tips, and call to action. 3. Set the schedule and launch!

Every other automated webinar solution I've tried was clunky and complicated. It took me 10 minutes to set up my first eWebinar and it was actually FUN to do.
Haley Burkhead Headshot
Haley Burkhead

Founder, Recurring Profit

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