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5 Key Benefits from Using eWebinar for MLS Training

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Different training needs are met at the same time

Power users, new users, and less tech-savvy agents are often together in the same trainings. Until they found eWebinar, connectMLS was never able to successfully meet their varying needs in the same session.

10_Interactive onboarding and training

Virtual training that comes with a personal touch

COVID meant shifting from in-person training to live webinars, which felt impersonal and came with tech glitches. eWebinar consistently delivers professional training for them in personalized ways they didn't know were possible.

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Saved time has led to better, market-specific content

Their small team saves so much time from automating their webinars that they are now able regularly create new content that meets the very different needs and goals of their very different markets.


Improved collaboration with MLS associations

Trainers from dynaConnections and its MLS association customers are able to easily cooperate with each other during training sessions when answering agent questions, making both teams and the training itself stronger.


An evolving product for evolving needs

eWebinar has gone above and beyond to understand their needs and incorporated that feedback into their product roadmap in order to deliver what was most important to them in a timely way, including an integration with Slack.

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Offer webinars that are available when agents are — 7 days a week

Agents are busy and always on the go. With eWebinar’s flexible scheduling features, they can choose a session to watch immediately, or pick a later time that fits into their schedule, even on evenings and weekends, regardless of what time zone they are in. The average attendance rate for eWebinar is 65%.

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Deliver an easy-to-use, interactive experience that agents love

Keep agents interested until the end of your webinar by programming polls, downloads, tips, and more to appear throughout to deliver even more helpful resources and collect feedback. There’s no software download so they’ll never need help to join a session.

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Save your training team from burn out and repurpose their time

Your team no longer has to spend time preparing for and hosting live training sessions that only some agents can attend. Instead, they can repurpose that time toward other important things like creating more diverse training content and direct agent support.

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'eWebinar' — an automated webinar solutionset on a schedule, which combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver a delightfully engaging experience for attendees.