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How do I track registrant visits, registrations and views using the Facebook pixel?

To track registrant activity you can add the Facebook pixel ID to an eWebinar or use the Scripts manager to add your own Facebook pixel tracking script.

Easily track attendees using the Facebook pixel

The easiest way to track registrants is to add the Facebook pixel to the Scripts & pixels section of the Registration tab when editing an eWebinar.  Enter the pixel ID into the Facebook pixel input box and republish your webinar.

Custom events

eWebinar will call trackCustom on the pixel to send you custom events when an attendee performs different actions.  The custom events are:

  • Visit Registration - New potential registrant visits the registration page.
  • Open Registration Form - Registrant opens the registration form
  • CompleteRegistration - This is a standard Facebook pixel event sent when registrant completes the registration form

NOTE: The CompleteRegistration event is not called from the Thank You page.  There are cases when the Thank You page can be skipped such as for On Demand just in time sessions.  The event is always fired from the Registration Form prior to navigating to the thank you page. 

  • Joined Session - Registrant joins a scheduled session or replay 

Page views

eWebinar will call pageView on the pixel for each of the pages an attendee visits. You can use the URLs to track what they've done.  Note however, that these URLs can take different forms and will have the webinar slug plus ID in the URL.  You can look for patterns in the URL however.  Here are some useful patterns:

Room URL contains Example
Presentation room for scheduled session /join/ https://ilove.ewebinar.com/webinar/150/replay/662421
Presentation room for replay session /replay/ https://ilove.ewebinar.com/webinar/150/join/662421

Thank you page

/thankyou/ https://ilove.ewebinar.com/webinar/15-minute-ewebinar-walkthrough-and-demo-150/register/thankyou/662421

Registration page

AND doesn't match any of the patterns above

Use a custom Facebook tracking script

You don't have to use eWebinar's built-in support for the Facebook pixel ID.  You can also add a script either in the Scripts & pixels section of the Registration tab or by going to the Scripts manager  Follow these steps:

  1. From the Scripts manager click Add new script.
  2. Name this script, for example:  Facebook script
  3. Copy/paste the script code from Facebook into this new script in the edit box that has a numbered line 1
  4. You can choose to not run this script and not track attendees if you have GDPR enabled and the attendee chose to not accept your cookies by turning on the switch named Disable script if visitor declines GDPR cookies
  5. Click Next
  6. Here you see all your webinars.  You can choose on which pages to run this script. You can run it on the Registration page, the Thank you page and the Presentation room (which encompasses both replay and scheduled sessions)
  7. Click Save & publish - your script will be live immediately
    NOTE: You may need to refresh the registration page a couple of times to see the newly published page with the script