How do I set up an A/B test (AKA split test) for my webinar?

Use your own A/B testing infrastructure to test different versions of your webinar presentation and find out which one is more effective.

IMPORTANT: A/B testing your webinar (also known as split testing) is only recommended for advanced users who have experience with A/B testing.

To A/B test your webinar — in order to see which version of your presentation is more effective in converting attendees — you will need to create two versions of the same webinar and then use your own A/B testing infrastructure to surface the registration links accordingly to different test groups, whether that is done by way of an email campaign or landing page.  

Be sure to define all of the custom properties in your interactions, setup your registration form and properties, edit your notification emails and get things just right.  Then clone it to create a second version of the webinar.  This way, everything will be copied over to the new version.  Interaction and registration form properties will be tracked in exactly the same way both in eWebinar and your CRM via the same integration triggers already setup.  And you can compare the results of your webinars as ‘apples to apples’.

To duplicate the webinar go to the More menu of the webinar in question and click Duplicate.

IMPORTANT: After you duplicate your webinar, some things aren't exactly the same in the second version.  The special offers have a different conversion tracking pixel URL for example.  So be sure to set up conversion tracking again for this new pixel on your conversion confirmation page.  It can host any number of conversion pixels.