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What Does Product-Led Growth Mean?

What Does Product-Led Growth Mean?

JOIN THIS WEBINAR: Ramli John is the Managing Director at ProductLed and author of EUREKA — a book about onboarding new users and turning them into lifelong customers. 

In this webinar, he covers: 

  • What product-led growth is and common hurdles with implementing this strategy
  • Things that are important to look out for in a product led organization, like Product Qualified Leads
  • Freemium vs free trial, what's better?
What Does Product-Led Growth Mean for Tech Companies?!
Hosted by  Melissa Kwan, Ramli John
Ramli John is the Managing Director at ProductLed and author of EUREKA — a book about onboarding new users and turning them into lifelong customers. He's worked as a developer and marketer, and specializes in product-led growth. In this webinar, Ramli shares: ✅ What product-led growth is and common hurdles with implementing this strategy ✅ Why Product Qualified Leads matter ✅ Freemium vs free trial, what's better?

In this episode, Melissa Kwan, Cofounder and CEO of eWebinar chats with Ramli John—Managing Director of ProductLed and author of Eureka—about what product led growth is and what it means for your business. Don’t miss out on this important conversation!

Learn more about product led growth and how this strategy works with a bottom-up approach to allow product to lead your growth. With a structure and culture around collaboration, product led growth engages users in a deeper way to maintain their commitment.

Acquire high quality users and optimize the sign-ups you have from the data this strategy can provide. Ramli discusses when and why companies should consider this strategy, along with the challenges that can make the transition difficult.

13 key takeaways from this interview

Highlights from this webinar about how tech companies should think about implementing product led growth, especially if they are switching from a sales led organization.

1. Ramli’s background and his experience in product led growth

Time in video: 1:30
As a trained developer, Ramli spotted the need for companies to optimize their sign-ups, rather than just throwing money around in pursuit of more users. He argues for the solution of leading growth with product, acquiring high quality signups and users.

2. What is product led growth?

Time in video: 3:05
Thinking about how to go to market with a product or service in a way that you’re giving people value before they have to sign up for something. Not new—Netflix, DuoLingo, Spotify, etc with free trials. Shifted to data focus to activate and expand revenue. Not just Marketing, but company-wide strategy across all teams

3. Examples of popular & proven product-led companies

Time in video: 4:43
Learn more about Hubspot, Slack, Dropbox, Spotify, Netflix, and Duo Lingo. Commonalities with these companies show how they usually utilize a free trial upfront to get data, then track that and work up the chain from users to CEOs.

4. Why companies move to product-led strategy

Time in video: 7:48
A the popular and successful trend, this strategy works down market from a bottom-up approach. There is great risk for large companies when a CEO buys something, and their users hate it.

5. When should companies consider this strategy

Time in video: 9:11
Learn why companies start off with a sales-led strategy early on, for customer development to validate you have market, then moving towards product led growth. Large companies must also look at market trends and competitors more.

6. Why is this transition difficult and what needs to happen?

Time in video: 11:50
Ramli provides the top two challenges he sees with this transition. First, he discusses the organizational challenge with people who are afraid of change. Second, he chats about the problem with data and how it can be like spaghetti.

7. A good product-led company’s structure and culture

Time in video: 13:23
Ramli touches on the key importance of collaboration. Learn the differences between a sales led vs product led approach and how there is a continuum that exists.

8. How sales adds value in a product-led company

Time in video: 18:37
A discussion on the move from acquisition to more activation and revenue expansion within a company.

9. “Downmarket” and price points

Time in video: 20:43
Melissa asks about the “downmarket” and whether a price point is a determining factor for how a company is led or not. Ramli emphasizes the importance of the pricing model for companies with how they are led.

10. “Product qualified lead”: a buzzword

Time in video: 22:27
Learn about the people and users who have been inside a product and achieve something meaningful that makes them more qualified than others.

11. Freemium vs free trial

Time in video: 25:50
Ramli touches on the top aspects that need to be considered for the freemium vs free trial consideration. A look at the market and competitors, along with examining how quickly people get value from your product and become qualified in use, are top on his list. Melissa shares her own experience with the freemium model and how that destroyed their usage.

12. How to start implementing this product-led growth strategy in your business

Time in video: 31:03
Find out tips for both startups and larger companies on implementing this strategy in your own business. Ramli chats about the challenges of resource limitation and the various methods of implementation based on business.

13. ProductLed offers a free course resource

Time in video: 33:32
There is a free fundamentals course at productled.com. You can also check out the Product Led Growth book, along with Ramli’s book coming out in June—Eureka.

Concluding statement: Use eWebinar to create a self-service demo and let you product sell itself

Time in video: 35:02
As Melissa wraps up this episode, find out how you can get in touch with Ramli. Share this webinar with your own network. Don’t forget, you can also start automating your demo webinars with eWebinar today. Why not create a self-service interactive demo using eWebinar so your customers can discover your product and sign up themselves, all without the help of your sales team!


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